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Car Financing can, at times be a Real Hassle When You Have Bad Credit

Only a few missed payments on a utility bill or on a current loan you have can get the banks questioning your loan application. You don’t just get bad credit by not paying your bills. Applying too many times with the wrong lenders can give you a low credit score and be harmful to your credit history. Applying for small cash loans with cash loan lenders to pay for your everyday expenses can have an adverse effect when you apply for a bank loan.

There is nothing quite as frustrating as falling in love with a car and not being able to get it due to credit issues from the past. Whatever the reason for bad credit, it often means that banks will deem you as a high risk when you are applying for a car loan, and more often than not, decline your application.

At New Choice, getting a car loan with bad credit is much simpler than you think. We specialize in getting car finance approved for clients with less than perfect credit history. Do you have bad credit, been declined by a bank or been bankrupt in the past? Do not stress! At New Choice Car Loans we have finance experts with over 15 years experience in bad credit car loans. We do understand that things happen in the past which can be a hurdle to getting your next car financed. Our experts will work with you to leverage your situation today rather than use yesterday’s situation as an excuse.

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The New Choice Advantage: Why New Choice is “The Smart Choice”

At New Choice Car Loans, our experts can advise you on what steps to take for improving your credit rating. We know that you deserve a second chance which is why we are here and ready to help. Some benefits of New Choice car loans:

Access to multiple lenders
Can help with paid or unpaid defaults.
Discharged bankruptcy or Part IX debt agreement
Choose your loan term (Maximum 7 years)
Structured repayments available (weekly, fortnightly or monthly)

So do not think that you cannot get car finance due to credit issues from the past. Simply call 1300 853 450 or fill up the Quick Quote and let us work our magic for you. You will be surprised as to how pleasant the journey is when you let New Choice Car Loans in the driver’s seat.

Tired of applying with different banks and getting the same negative response? Make the smart choice and see the difference yourself.

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With a wide range of Lenders we tend to help a lot of our clients and make their dream come true.

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