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Thinking of getting your next car and worried about dealing with pushy sales people? Let us help you find your next car and even negotiate a price for you. At New Choice we pride ourselves in providing the service our clients deserve. We have a network of dealers Australia Wide and are confident of finding the best value for your money when it comes to buying your next car. We will organize the viewing of the car with dealers in your state (In most cases our network of dealership’s can arrange for the viewing of the car at a place that is convenient for you, i.e. your home or work place) saving you the hassle of dealing with pushy sales people and get the car you want in less than a day (And yes, the car can also be delivered to you upon successful settlement of your finance). And all this at no extra cost to you!

Benefits of using our car locating service:

Fast Turnaround time
We will compare prices with different dealers
We will compare prices with different dealers
No extra cost to you
No direct dealings with Sales team in the Dealership
Easy and pain free process

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