Can I get pre-approved first and then find the car I want?

You sure can. At first we take the necessary details and get you pre-approved for an amount and then you can find the car you want. Once you have found the car we will then get the paperwork ready and get the loan settled so you can get your car as soon as possible.

Can I make extra repayments on the loan?

Yes you can, depending on the details on your contract you can make extra repayments which will help you reduce the overall interest amount you pay.

Can I pay out my loan before the original term ends?

On a consumer car loan you will have an option of paying out the loan sooner however there will be fees and charges involved depending on the lender. And in most cases the fees is much lesser than the amount you save in extra interest.

Can I get an unsecured personal loan to go on a holiday?

Yes, we have lenders who help our clients to get personal loans. To be eligible for a personal loan you would have to be working and the credit history has to be clean. Please call us to discuss your situation with our experienced consultants today.

Can you do loans if I am on a pension?

Yes, we can accept few pension options and they are as follows:


  1.  Disability Support Pension
  2.  Carers Payment/Pension
  3. Aged pension
  4.  Family Tax A & B
  5. Partnered Parenting Payment (If partner is working)

Can you refinance my existing loan on a lesser Interest rate?

Yes in some cases we are able to refinance your current loan on a much suitable term for you, saving you some extra cash.

I have defaults on my credit file. Can New Choice help?

Yes, we have a panel of lenders who will help clients who have defaults on their credit file. Please call us so one of our experienced consultants can understand your situation and find a way to get your finance approved.

I am currently bankrupt, can you help?

We have a panel of lenders who will help our clients who have been bankrupt, although you will have to be discharged from bankruptcy.

I want to buy a car privately. Is that possible?

Yes, we can help finance a car either from a dealer or a private sale. We will also organise an inspection (at our own cost) if the car is being bought privately.

Will my car be used as a security for my car loan?

Yes, the car is used as the security against which our lenders will lend you money to buy your dream car. Once the loan is paid out, the bank will release the security and you will own the car outright.