Pension Loans

At New choice, we can help you finance your new car even if you are on a pension. And not only that we can also help you find your next car. It’s a fact, banks don’t want to look at the applications if your part or full income comes from pension but with New choice we work with you to find the best solution based on your profile.

We can take into account certain pension incomes and also add any other income you get by working casual, Full time or Part time to get the loan approved for you.

Acceptable Pension Incomes:

Disability Support Pension
Carers Payment
Aged pension
Family Tax A & B
Partnered Parenting Payment (If partner is working)

Unacceptable Pension Incomes:

Single Parent payment
Carers Allowance
Energy Supplements
Rent Assistance
Youth Allowance
Work cover
Child Support

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